Monday, September 24, 2007

Oh What Fun

We left the church around 3:45 or so today, and I was really thinking of a nice, relaxing evening at home, watch some television, read Hope some books, and go to bed early. Hope has had other ideas since we walked in the door. She has wanted to paint, make cookies, build towers of blocks, dance to music (which involves me dancing too) and at one point she said "I have a good idea. Let's go to the park. The big park. The Hope's Park." To which I replied, "That is a good idea, but let's go tomorrow." She said okay, but then everytime I would get up or move she would say "Are you ready to go to the park." So the guilt gets to me, and I put on my clothes (yep, I was in pjs by 5:00) and we head out to the park. She was skipping and giggling the whole way over there. She is holding my hand and we were walking, and she said "I think we need to go faster, we need to run." So I tell her that I just want to walk so we can see everything. She says "Mommy, you're so sneaky!"
She just had a blast at the park. She was in just the best mood, which made me in a good mood, too. It made me realize just how fast she is growing up, and how lucky I am to have such a happy child. I am so glad that she dragged her lazy Mommy out of the house!

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