Monday, September 10, 2007

She's long winded!

Where would she get that from? I feel I can answer that without a doubt when I say her daddy! I don't think I will hear any objections! Here is a little conversation that happened as we came home from church/school today...
Mommy: Hope, who did you play with at school today?
Hope: I played with Madox. And I played with Maddie. I didn't play with Harrison. Harrison cried. Her wanted her Daddy. And her wanted her Mommy. I cried too. But I didn't cry berry much. Ms. Marsha patted my head and she said shhh Hope it's time to go to sleep! I did go to sleep today. Just a little bit. Do I get a treat? I like gum treats.

Wow, she didn't even stop for air! I do feel like I should say that Harrison is in fact a boy. We are working on the correct pronouns for boys!

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