Saturday, December 10, 2011

Why I should Blog More

Because I have a terrible memory.

Which I was reminded of tonight when I came across a file on my computer with 2 pages of Emmy's first name combined with different middle names. Now, while I do remember we could not agree on a middle name until she was 2 days old, I did not remember thinking of some of these middle names. Especially the one I've highlighted here from the first page.

Emmy Brighton Dyer
Emmy Grace Dyer
Emmy Kate Dyer
Emmy Caroline Dyer
Emmy Hazel Dyer
Emmy Bright Dyer
Emmy Love Dyer
Emmy Rose Dyer
Emmy Jenn Dyer
Emmy Sizzle Dyer
Emmy Olivia Dyer
Emmy Bliss Dyer
Emmy Anabel Dyer
Emmy Merit Dyer
Emmy Evelyn Dyer
Emmy Presley Dyer

WHAT? I do know that it was a joke, but why? I feel like there is a really funny story there, probably involving Hope, but I have NO IDEA. So, dear Emmy, I'm so sorry I don't remember why I would even joke about naming you Emmy Sizzle. But, you might just want to be thankful that we didn't actually name you that. You're welcome.

And in case I haven't fully shared the story, John wanted to name Emmy, Emmy Love, from day one. I was not the biggest fan. To say the least. But I caved after many pain reducing drugs. Ha. And part of her middle name story took place when we came house hunting a couple weeks before she was born. There was a pillow in a Hallmark store here that said "What the world needs now is Love, sweet love." I told John that if I did end up caving, he had to find a way to buy that pillow for her room. So, as I waited in the hospital for him to come pick me and Emmy Love up, he was running all over town in Little Rock looking for that pillow! He finally begged someone in the Hallmark store in Texas to break the rules and send him the one from there! And is pretty cute in her room. ;) In the end, I'm glad I did cave, because nothing fits her better than Emmy Love. But seriously, Emmy Sizzle is a close second.

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