Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Phone Dump

My friend Amanda is good about regularly posting pics from her phone, and I would like to be good at doing that! So here is an attempt. Here are some pre Christmas pics from my phone from the last few weeks:

Charlie the elf is back!

Hope came downstairs dressed as an elf on the shelf! She wouldn't talk and kept hiding in different places! It was pretty hilarious.

There's been another special elf here too! ;)

All of my babies have worn this Santa outfit! And if first belonged to my Clay Fuller, so it's extra special!

Here is one of our Christmas cards! I ordered two different ones.

We have had some fun play dates with these cuties!

Hold the phone! John and I got dressed up and went to a fancy party. This is so not me! But we had so much fun! My friends Courtney and Amanda dressed me up and made me go, and Courtney and Jeff watched all our crazy babies! Thank you, sweet friends!!!

Daddy took Hope to see Annie! I was a little sad I didn't go because we all know Jill loves some Annie! But, so happy they got a Daddy Daughter Date!

I happen to think this girl is perfection.

Yes. Awkward smile stage is in full force.

Before his play at school. That he told us he was not going to do. He was true to his word. He didn't sing one word.

Before brother's play

School Christmas Party!

Hope and her teacher, Mrs. Rocas. Hope is having a great first grade year!

My parents came for a quick visit! We shoved as much Christmas fun as we could in one short weekend! We mailed our letters to Santa!

Here's our pic with Santa! We didn't have any meltdowns!

No weekend with Mimi is complete without makeovers.

Hope is planning on spending every night of her Christmas break like this. Curled up on the couch with hot chocolate and watching Christmas movies. Sounds like a plan to me.

Shooo! I feel better! We are looking forward to Christmas! Hope everyone is enjoying the most wonderful time of the year!

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