Sunday, October 16, 2011

Hope Louise 6 years 11 months

Hopey Louisey Lemon Squeezey gets a little sweeter everyday. She is growing into such a loving, bright, fun little ray of sunshine girl. She can melt your heart with her many "I love You"s, "You're the best"s, and her many love notes she writes to us.
 First grade is going so well for Hope! She has a wonderful teacher, a great class of new friends, and a good attitude about homework. For the most part! She has lots of homework, between two week homework assignments, spelling tests, and she is now reading chapter books! So fun. When she finished her first chapter book, she squealed she was so excited! It wasn't easy, but she did it! Now, if only her handwriting was legible! ;)
 Hope still has her own sense of fashion! She loves putting outfits together, and usually adds a twist, like leopard shoes, a skirt on top of pants, or a large bow. It has gotten to a point that I have her pick out her clothes on the weekend for the whole week, so there is no question in the mornings what we are dealing with. This works well for Hope, who is super organized, needs a schedule, and has to know the plan!
 Hope is now officially the over scheduled child I said I would never have! Ha! She is now on Pre-Team at her new gymnastics, meaning she is training to compete next year! She has gymnastics two days a week now for 1.5 hours each time. She is also playing soccer for the Pinkerellas, and is a Daisy Scout now too! As far as her gymnastics, I have been amazed! She is coming so far, so fast. She spends about half of her time at home standing on her hands. And also, she has muscles! What in the world! This is all new!
 Hope has always had a little obsession with her teeth. And, she looooves the dentist. Like loves everything about it. She brushes her teeth several times a day and loves mouthwash. On the way to the drop off Noah at school on the morning of her recent dentist visit, she told Noah "I love the dentist! I love when they pick at my teeth!" I mean, who says that? The dentist was very impressed with her chompers, and told her she should be a dentist. She liked that. She still hasn't lost any teeth, which is very upsetting to a nearly 7 year old when all her friends are loosing them! Dr. Brister showed her the xrays that showed where the grown up teeth really are growing in, and she felt a lot better! My little worrier!
Hope still dresses up She comes home from school and gets into some get up. This is her newest favorite. Classy, right? The black gloves? Her favorite accessories. They have inspired many many different outfits and performances!

I know I just said it, but, she is such a worrier. I hate this for her, because I am a worrier too. When I see her worry, my tummy hurts just like it was me doing the worrying.

She is riding her bike well now! I think we will attempt the first ride to school soon! We need a little more practice staying on the sidewalk!

She loves her church. She loves her friends. She loves her family. She loves American Girl anything. She loves to watch shows about mermaids. She loves PB & J. She loves creating. She loves reading. She loves being silly. She loves dancing, and singing, and helping, and pestering her brother, and cooking, and Barbies.

She does not like when her brother pesters her, riding in a car seat, saying goodbye, loud noises, or beans. Still cannot stand beans!

Hope Louise, you really are my sunshine! I love you to the moon and back. And back again!

Thank you, God, for Hope Louise!

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Anonymous said...

Yes, thank you God for Hope!
...and Noah, and Emmy, and Julia, and Riley, and Clara and Wade.