Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I have really, honestly enjoyed all the stages of Noah's sweet life. It has just seemed to get better and better. However, I am having a little trouble warming up to the monster stage he is currently in. Every.thing. I do (or don't do) results in a growling, "NO MOMMY!" Seriously, where is that sweet boy? If I ask him if he would like a drink it's "NO MOMMY." I have made an extra effort to respond to him as sweetly and calmly as I possibly can to try to coax the real Noah Red back out. This only seems to aggrivate him even more. I might even get a "STOPIT!" He screams, hits, kicks even when I am trying to do something for him that he really wants.
Sweet, right? He is certainly asserting his independence whenever possible. Diaper changes, eating, riding in the car, baths, EVERYTHNG has become a huge battle. He has also becom pretty aggressive towards Hope. He has shoved her to the ground on more than one occasion, and cannot stand for her to hug him. This is just crazy to me as he has always been so loving to her. She has cried saying, "He doesn't like me anymore!" This monster stage has not been fun for any of us. Can I just pray that he will come out of this before, oh, I don't know, AUGUST 8th!


tallgirl said...

ugh.. rest assured it is a stage. BabyP cries all the time. Anything sets him off. He goes from one area to the next in the house getting into things he isn't supposed to. Then he screams at me when i tell him to stop. I get hit and bit a lot.

I don't even want to get started on his eating. He eats almost nothing at dinner then asks for crackers. I don't give crackers to him, but it drives me batty. I cook a good meal each night. He wants down almost right after I sit down. I won't play with him, so he starts to get into everything. He doesn't get that I just want to zone out and eat.

I don't know how meisha does it. Can you imagine being with 9 of them all day?

i am just trying to keep him busy until the phase passes. I spend a lot of time at the sand and water table and at the park.

Brian and Kerum said...

Boys are so much fun, right? ;-) Seriously, it will pass. I can't guarantee that it will be before August. Make sure to do whatever discipline you think is best when he gets aggressive EVERY TIME. He needs to know that the pushing, etc is not acceptable and that behavior will always end up with a timeout or whatever it is that you do when he hits or pushes.

Both of my boys have seemed to be the aggressive type (yes, Colten has already started hitting and tackling his brother when he wants something). What we do for Colten is the same thing I did for Austin. He gets picked up and put somewhere else with a stern, "We don't hit. Hitting hurts!" Then I turn my back on him while he throws his fit. LOL

I usually ignored the grouchiness. If it didn't get a reaction out of me, I figured he wouldn't find it fun or effective to use it. If it came out of nowhere (like he had been fine for a long time and then came out and said something mean), I just reminded him to talk easy or talk nice and if he continued I just ignored him or if I was playing with him or doing something fun, I would just stop and say something about coming back when Austin talked nicer to me. I'd give him about 5 minutes or so, then come back and see if he was going to act nicer and play again with him. Sometimes you just have to ignore it and get on with whatever you are doing (getting him in the car, eating dinner, tying his shoes, etc) and remain as unemotional as possible.

Ok, this is getting long, but one more thing (ok two). Choices help a lot. I'm sure you are already doing this. If he wants to wear a certain shoe, but it doesn't really match, if it is appropriate for the weather, then in the grand scheme of things, it's not that big of a deal to let him.

And I really LOVED the book 123 Magic (it's supposed to be for kids 2-12, but he's almost 2 and you could start to read it now and incooporate some of the age appropriate things now. It REALLY helped Austin and gave us a really consistent method of discipline. Good luck!

jessica said...

i remember that horrible stage. jackson was in it for about 6 months :(

Nicole said...

Oh Noah. Let's turn those terrible twos into terrific twos!
Jill, if it makes you feel any better, Colin tried to BITE me the other day because he was mad that I was washing his face.I mean, I've seen numerous biters before, especially working in daycare, but an 11 month old!?!? I couldn't believe my eyes! Let's hope that was the the last time!

Jen said...

Lindley is saying no a lot as well. And the worst part is when Madeline tries to do something nice like give her a hug or a toy (which really is not a common thing for her to do) she says no to Madeline. So I try to get Madeline to be nice and friendly with her sister, and her sister just rejects her. Great.