Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Bad Guys

I have been so fortunate to not have many run ins with criminals in my lifetime. Hope, unfortunately had her first run in with "The Bad Guys" this weekend when my purse was stolen from me in the parking lot of a large chain grocery store. She saw them before I did and screamed and screamed. At them. She was very traumatized and went through about every negative emotion from mad, to scared, to sadness. She tells the story with great detail about what they looked like and what they did (she even tells where the guy put his hands on my purse.) Our purse snatching story has a pretty happy ending. They were arrested and I had most everything returned to me. The police in my little town were awesome! There were 2 instances of them being in the right place at the right time just for our little story. They made such a big deal about how great Hope was in helping catch them. I am very proud of my little do-gooder!


Walker Family said...

How scary for you both. But I guess now she's stopped commenting on your drin=ving (or wrecking).

Jen said...

That's awful! It really takes something from you when you can't feel completely safe doing every day things. . . and what kind of an awful person would snatch a purse from a lady with her little girl with her.