Monday, July 27, 2009

Uncle Sam

Uncle Sam is John's best friend. But, he really is like family to all of us. This time when Hope heard he was coming for a visit, she was just so excited. She really really loves him. This time, Noah got in some bonding with Uncle Sam as well. Sam was studying for some crazy final exam, one that I wouldn't even dare try to repeat what the class was, but I am pretty sure it has to do with financial mumbo jumbo. As I have said before, Noah is a geek in training (like father like son:) So, he totally ate up Sam's TI 80-whatever fancy calculator.

Sam's visit was pretty short this time, so we are hoping he comes back soon. And Noah requests that he brings more graphs and charts, as well as the calculator.

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Sam said...

Noah helped Uncle Sam calculate the equivalent taxable yield for a municipal bond. Of course, now Noah understands that Uncle Sam is nothing without his TI-89 calculator.