Thursday, November 15, 2012


Emmy is so crazy funny right now. She has so much 'tude in that little body. She has more words than she knows what to do with. And she thinks she is just as big as her brother and sisters.
•Emmy is a manipulator. She hates doing her nebulizer treatments, but has figured out that when she does them, we let her watch her favorite show, Doc McStuffins. So now, when John and I attempt to watch anything not animated, she says "I need my medicine. I watch Doc McStuffins?" And so we do, of course because a peaceful 10 minutes of nebulizer beats 10 minutes of screaming any day. Every day. She also likes to say "It's Pewfect!" (Perfect!) anytime she thinks she has a great idea she wants you to agree with. For example, "I have candy? It's pewfect!" Or, "I sleep in Mommy's bed? It's pewfect!" "We go outside? I have shoes! It's pewfect!" We went to a shoe store today and she tried on a pair of black flats and exclaimed "It's pewfect!" I thought the sales lady was going to die from the cuteness. So yea, we bought those pewfect shoes.

•John cannot always interpret things she says. She will ramble on to him for 5 minutes and he looks to me for answers. I will get a teeny bit frustrated and say, "John, she wants chocolate milk in a princess cup with a straw lid. It's perfect!" I mean, come on, dude.

•Emmy loves her Evie. She calls her BFF Ebby, and she is always very concerned about where Ebby is and what Ebby is doing.

• She plays dr and tells us it's time for our check up. (This is from watching doc mc.) if you do not stop what you are doing that second and let her measure you and listen to your heart? Well, I can promise you that you will not earn a sticker or a candy from Emmy Stuffins.

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pittle said...

Cute pics of Hope@ It is hard to belive that she is now 8!!!!!

Thanks for the Emmy update! I hate to say it, but she is my fav of your kids because she looks so much like your Mom!!! Kaye has always been the best relative that I have and so sweet!

I had been watching your blog and did not see a 2-year BD post on her, but saw them through fb.

I stil check this every week or so because you are so good at creating something that your kids will treasure.