Thursday, April 05, 2012


We are saying goodbye to our Abby dog on Friday. I'm sure I will write more soon, but since I am laying awake next to my heart-broken daughter thinking about the days ahead and the horribly difficult conversation we had with her tonight, and thinking of the last 9 years with this dog we rescued, I'll post a few pics. The first is today. Today before the difficult conversation. When she got her new library books from her backpack and showed me the book about Lhasa Apsos that she picked so she could learn to take better care of Abby. Yep. Heart wrenching.

Hope age two with "Little
Abby." when Abby gets groomed, Hope calls her "Little Abby"

Noah and Abby

Noah again with his first dog.


Walker Family said...

Awww! How sad!

Kerum said...

This breaks my heart! I hope the kids do ok, but I really hope YOU do ok! :-) I can only imagine how hard this will be for you guys. I dread the day our own family will face this with OUR Abby. Thinking of you guys!!!