Friday, February 24, 2012

My Girls

Hope and Emmy had a little matchy matchy moment this morning! Their pink shoes were my favorite part, but you can't see them well here. Hope may have accidentally been tardy as everything fell apart this morning as it tends to when john decides to go to the gym at la buttcrackofdawnthirty. And when I realized their was just no getting around the fact we were not getting to school on time, I may have stopped hurrying and taken their picture. Got to stop and smell those roses, right?

Hope wrote about her Aunt Ninny's star character.

I love how she wrote about ninny showing courage by being a first grade teacher! I know I'm too scared! And yes, I have seen Ninny's self discipline on many occasions when she has had to grade papers before having fun! Love that Hope is already looking up to my biggest role model!

And lastly, a pic of my cute Emmy at the OT office on Wednesday. Love her.

Updated. I wrote this post last night and couldn't publish it from my phone. Turns out she was tardy again this morning. We were not stopping to smell any roses, however, and I'm pretty sure two tardies in a row makes me a bad mom. Getting with the program on Monday.

Emmy Love kind of loves my phone. It is funny to me to see the pics she takes on it. Here's what I found just now from this morning.

It looks pretty similar to one of the ones she took last week

Or this one second artistic video

YouTube Video

This from another day

YouTube Video

She's funny.

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