Thursday, December 13, 2007

Hopisms Update

Hope continues to crack us up. She is just funny. There are a lot of things she should get into trouble for, but doesn't because we (or her teacher) are laughing when they happen. I wanted to write a few things down before I forget forever. Some of the stories are old, so sorry if you have heard them before.
*We had sat down for dinner one night and John looked over at the side of our white cabinet and saw that there was a little drawing with a blue marker. He looked at Hope and said “Hope, who wrote on our wall?” She looked straight back at her Daddy without flinching and said “Jesus.”

*At school, she and her friends were having a snack, while her teacher was showing some of the kids some pictures out of a nature magazine. Hope finished her snack and then started stealing her friend’s crackers. The little friend started crying and the teacher looked up at Hope. Hope said “You don’t look at me, you look at your magazine.”

*Hope wants The Rose Petal Cottage for Christmas so badly she cannot stand it. We were at the store and she asked me to buy it for her. I told her no, that she would have to ask Santa for it. She said “But he will not bring it to me. I am not nice to Abby.”

*She says that on Christmas Eve she doesn’t want to leave cookies for Santa. She wants to leave rice for him, and peas for the reindeer. Maybe Santa will enjoy something different that night.

* And in the biggest of our family news...Hope potty trained herself 2 weeks ago! She came home from school and cried and said that one of her friends at school said that diapers were for babies. She has wanted nothing to do with diapers since. Woo Hoo! See, they really won't go to Kindergarten in diapers! I have always said that it was going to have to be her idea because of her ummm, strong personality. Everytime it has been my idea, the attempts have been futile. Way to go big girl!

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Michele Bonewell said...

Those are great. I wish you lived here so Hope could be in my class at school.

You should make reindeer food for her to leave for the reindeer. It's just oatmeal and glitter. I made it with my class yesterday and it was the coolest thing ever!