Friday, November 02, 2007

Pumpkin Patch

We have enjoyed getting back to some our favorite places since we have been back. We made it back just in time to make it to the Hidden Valley Pumpkin Patch.

She loved every minute of it. She had two missions: 1. To pull the wagon by herself. 2. To fill the wagon with pumpkins until no more would fit.

There was a slight problem as she filled the wagon, it got harder for her to pull by herself. Eventually she had to have her daddy help her.

When she went to have her face painted, she kept telling me she wanted to do it by herself. So I am thinking, okay, she doesn't want me to sit in the chair and hold her in my lap. I give her the money and let her give it to the lady. Then Hope tells her "I am going to paint my face by myself." Ooh, I hadn't caught on to that. The lady was so good, she said, "how about I paint your face, and then you paint mine." Hope agreed. She painted a pumpkin on Hope's face, and then Hope painted a pink and purple rocket ship on the lady's. What a brave woman!

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